Sunday, 15 September 2013

More about galls - found on an Oak tree

Last Autumn I wrote a post about plant galls, particularly those found on Oak trees.  There were some interesting images and a painting of a Knopper gall.  To find out more click on the following:

This update is to bring you some more images of galls found on Oak.  The Oak tree itself is a relatively young one of 25 years old and is in quite a sheltered position, at the base of a slope and sheltered by a tree belt on the other side of a grass path.

The galls shaped like miniature doughnuts are very common and are called Silk-button galls  Neuroterus numismalis
The disc-shaped galls with a raised centre are Common spangle gall Neuroterus quercusbaccarum.
Artichoke or Hop gall  Andricus fecundator (above and below)
Can you help identify these galls ?
Is it a marble gall or a cola-nut gall  ?
Is it a Cherry, Currant or Pea gall ?
If you have any suggestions for the species names of the above galls, leave a message below.
Many thanks.  Sarah.