Monday, 6 July 2015

Drawing & Painting Lovely Lepidoptera !

The second of the new Natures Details Summer School Courses took place last Friday and Saturday.

What a beautiful day it was !  The sun was shining and there was a cooling breeze across the Downs and into the space where we work.

The room was filled with the colour of butterflies and moths, set specimens, photos, ID books/charts, posters and handouts to guide us on our illustration journey.

We set to after a demo to really study our subjects and understand more about them.

If somebody worked from a photo there was plenty of other information available to ensure the correct details were portrayed along with accurate colour mixes.

Magnification was a great help, either through using a traditional magnifier or enlarging an image on the a tablet computer.

We can learn so much from each other too.
Enjoying the sunshine during the lunch time break and giving our eyes a rest too, from the detailed work.
Here are the results of a couple of days of hard work and dedication.
Garden tiger moth studies

Jersey tiger moth study - following the stages.

Top: Chalk hill blue and right: Buff ermine moth.
It's amazing how hairy some moths can be !

 Painted lady and Peacock butterflies.
Bedstraw hawk moth in colour pencil.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing what goes on at the Summer School courses.  If you are interested in attending any future courses, keep an eye on the Natures Details website.
It is due to be updated in the next month or so with the 2016 course schedule.
Next year in 2016, the courses will not only take place in the Summer but all year round in a beautiful location in the South Downs National Park near to Winchester in Hampshire!


  1. Looks great Sarah! I would have loved to come to this one

    1. It would have been lovely to have had you there Dianne, but I am sure you could teach me a thing or too ;)

  2. Workshop now included in the 2015 workshops and classes page on my website


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