Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sunshine in the snow - yellow flowers and more !

The Daffodils have been soldiering on in the recent snow and frosts.  They had just started to bloom before the colder weather arrived, but despite this they still bring a bit of sunshine in the snow.

In my last blog post I know that I said I would write about the courses and workshops that I teach.  The students have been completing some wonderful and inspiring work which I hope to show you soon.

In the meantime I have been creating my latest tutorial video, which yes you guessed it, is on painting yellow flowers !  The students in my Monday botanical art class have been studying bulbous plants, so this coming week we are going to be painting daffodils.

As from this January I have been attempting to produce 2 video tutorials a term to support the students in their learning.  I hope to carry this on, especially as the botanical art classes will be increasing this coming September.

Enjoy !

The link above is to the latest tutorial and the one below is the previous tutorial - Creating highlights.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Painting, painting, painting !

Where has the time gone ?  Hard to believe that it is a month since my last blog posting !

You will be glad to know that I have been painting away on several pieces.  Firstly, I was working on a large painting of a Sacred Lotus since before Christmas.  It has been a number of years since I have painted such a large botanical piece, there were challenges along the way and the majority were overcome.

The intention has been to submit it as a non-member for the Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition, which will take place in April at the Westminster Central Hall in London.  So, with a well wrapped painting, my husband and I made our way up to London for the submission on the 18th February.  It was a very well organised process and everyone was so happy, friendly and helpful. 

One lovely surprise was to meet up with a Botanical Artist firend Shevaun Docherty, who I had 'met' on a Facebook botanical artist's forum/group.  We had never met in person before and it was great to get a brief glimpse of her artwork before it was submitted and I look forward to seeing her work in the exhibition.  If you would like to see an example of her work go to:

My self-confidence can struggle at times, especially with my artwork, so I wasn't holding out much hope of the painting being accepted.  Over 1,000 paintings were submitted by members and non-members and approximately 600- 700 are hung after the assessment.  The suspense of the following week was difficult, but I kept myself busy with more painting and teaching.

This last Wednesday the envelope dropped through the door and I recognised my writing on the address.  In what seemed like an age I opened the envelope and slowly unfolded the form, to discover that my painting had been accepted !  Needless, to say I was absolutely thrilled and the weeks of hard work had paid off.  Here it is:  (apologies for the grey background, the painting is actually on Fabriano Artistico HP Natural White).

Alongside painting this I have also returned back to using acrylics.  I am really enjoying using this medium, particularly on the natural linen canvas and boards.
I am getting together a few pieces of 'marine themed' artwork to display at Emsworth Museum in conjunction with the Hants & IOW Wildlife Trust, and will also be creating a couple of new pieces.
One of which is completed and is a small 10cm x 10cm study of a crab's leg:
The other larger piece that I am working on is going to be called 'Shoreline Window' and is of a
close-up view of seaweed, shells and stones.  As the painting develops you will see the variety of colours that will be added.  At the moment I am painting the areas of seaweed:
For information about the exhibition see below:
My next blog posting will be about the courses and workshops that I teach.  All of the students have been producing some wonderful work, which I look forward to showing you.
Happy painting !