Friday, 3 October 2014

Fun with Fungi !

Those of you that follow my blog may already know that I am fascinated by fungi, looking for these wonderful organisms and also painting them.

Well, at last I have finally finished producing my latest tutorial video on 'Drawing & Painting Fungi'.

It is a collection of some of my favourite fungi photographs, as well as some ecological facts and of course some hints and techniques on illustrating this inspiring subject matter.

Why not have a look ? (click on the image below).

This is just a quick blog post as I am busy packing up for my week's teaching in Dorset, which starts on Monday.

The Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve and the Kingcombe Centre, will no doubt provide some wonderful inspiration and subject matter for the course - Painting Autumn fruits, berries and seedheads (and hopefully a few fungi too !)

A Bracket fungi growing on a tree in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK

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