Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Working with an Art Society

Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to be working with a local art society. 

Originally, it was just to cover their weekly 2 hour classes for a few weeks, and now I am continuing until June !

It has been a refreshing change for me.  Mostly, to do with the subject matter.  Not everybody favours a more detailed approach to drawing and painting, so I have had to think of subjects that suit will a variety of painting styles.

I wonder why some people are 'terrified' of detail and look upon it sometimes as a more negative approach to drawing and painting.  Hopefully I have reduced some of that fear and negativity, I'd like to think so.

One of the paintings from the marine themed week

A variety of pens to use for the pen and ink themed week and examples of my work.

The stages of a painting of Oyster shells using pen and wash.

Banksia pods depicted using different inks.
Top: Black Quink ink
Middle: Sepia ink
Bottom: Acrylic inks

You can achieve some wonderful effects using black Quink ink.  The pigments in the ink separate when they come into contact with water.  Quink ink is the traditional type of ink used in fountain and cartridge pens.

A Lotus seed pod in water soluble inks from a brush pen, and watercolour.

Over the last few weeks we have been using texture paste and other media to depict the texture of brick walls, stones and geological formations.
Don't forget that quite a lot of my personal artwork is focused on Art and the Hedgerow at the moment.  You can find out more on the Art & the Hedgerow Blog.
Happy painting !

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