Monday, 31 March 2014

Something a little different ........... and now to wood !

In my last post I mentioned about having a break from my normal creative streak.  Sometimes this can be an enforced break due to health reasons, but it can also be because we have just been so busy with painting commitments and we need time to refresh our creative juices.  Either way, it can be a struggle to find ourselves creatively again. Shevaun Doherty has just written a brilliant blog post about this, and the pointers given in it will certainly help many an artist.

During one of my enforced breaks, I had the opportunity to play around with some wood.  I have always loved the look of wooden boxes filled with pans of paint.  I know many of them are very old and artists have had them for some time.  The more modern versions come with a full set of paints (which I certainly don't need !) and can be rather expensive.

So my thinking cap became very active and I tracked down a company that sold plywood boxes for under £5.  I eventually found one the right size and after a few days I started to adapt it.

The dimensions of the box are: 
EXTERNAL - 27 X 16 X 4 CM
INTERNAL - 26 x 14.5 x 2.4 CM (lower part of the box) Lid inside is 1.7cm deep
Prior to varnishing I cut down some lengths of wooden beading to fit inside the box and glued these in with wood glue.
To work out the right measurement between divisions, I used several of the half-pans.
Once these were dry I set to and varnished the box, inside and out with an oak coloured varnish.
Because the pans sat too low in the box, I used some strips of foam board to make them higher and also glued these in.  The pans are held in place by a small piece of double-sided tape on the base of each.  The space at the top is to hold brushes.
Because of the depth of the lid, there is also room to store a small plastic foldaway palette.
I've still got my six key colours in this palette, but it has also given me room to add a line of handy opaque watercolours and some of my favourite Daniel Smith paints.
Another box adapted.  This one also came with the wooden divisions.  Once varnished, I lined it with some material and it is perfect for storing my tubes in.
Another box (the same size as the palette box), useful for those bits and pieces !
Half way through my painting break I received some exciting news.  Five of my paintings have been accepted by the Society of Botanical Artists, and four of them will be hung at their forthcoming London exhibition in May entitled the Botanical Garden.  The exhibition is taking place at Central Hall in Westminster, opposite Westminster Abbey.  If you get the chance to go there will be many botanical art paintings to see, along with a lovely shop to purchase cards, books etc.
Botanical Garden by Angeline de Meester (c) 2014 


  1. wonderfully brilliant idea- i love it (i love wooden boxes for art supplies too)
    and congratulations

  2. How perfect. Do you sell the pallet box? I am unable to locate any boxes like yours, here in the states. I belong to the Oregon Botanical Society and love your blog. Thank you. Mary McCarty

    1. Mary, I'm afraid that I do not sell the pallet box. So many people have been interested in it and unfortunately I haven't been able to locate it elsewhere. I'm glad you enjoy the blog, it's great to know that my news travels far and wide. Enjoy your botanical art and best wishes to the Oregon Botanical Society.


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